Why Go Organic?

The term ‘organic’ refers to anything that is grown as nature intended, without any chemicals, pesticides, or toxins. By choosing to go organic, you are making a conscious decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle - limiting your exposure to toxins that are commonly found in conventionally grown produce. Organic crops are grown in biologically active soils in the absence of pesticides, resulting in healthy produce with high levels of essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants..

Additionally, organic farming practices are far more gentle on the environment. Organic farmers have spent decades developing natural farming techniques like tilling and crop rotation that respects nature, consciously taking strides to build healthy soil, conserve water, and even combat the effects of global warming.


Commercially grown food products are often treated with harmful pesticides and chemicals. These, in turn, are being ingested into our bodies as trace amounts continue to remain present in our food irrespective of washing. Buying organic limits your exposure to detrimental toxins and provides you with access to healthy and nutrient-rich produce.


Organic farming begins with the nourishment of the soil, which translates into the nourishment of the crops resulting in fuller and more flavorful produce that tastes better on our palates!


Organic farming has significant ecological benefits from enabling the soil to retain its key properties to protecting water quality. Natural farming practices are designed to consume less energy and conserve natural resources at all costs.


By buying organic produce, we can support existing organic farmers who are the backbone of the organic movement across India and help develop an established market for future organic farmers to enter.